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Da Vinci Labs: how Pellini supports the development of the new Bauhaus

The ambitious project of creating the new Bauhaus originates within the framework of the European Green Deal, the European Commission’s program to promote the efficient use of resources, the reduction of pollution and the restoration of biodiversity. The new Bauhaus is a melting pot of art, culture, science and technology, whose aim is to transfer the Green Deal objectives and innovations to the lives and homes of millions of Europeans.

To give substance to the new Bauhaus and facilitate the connection of citizens, experts, corporates and institutions, Pellini SpA has decided to support the Da Vinci Labs project, a physical space where technological innovation becomes the fuel for a sustainable and shared socio-economic progress.

For a place where the future could be envisioned though the transformation of the present, inspiration could only be drawn from the person who more than anyone else left a tangible mark in his time and influenced generations over the centuries, Leonardo Da Vinci: Da Vinci Labs starts from Leonardo’s multidisciplinary genius, intended as an encounter and interaction between different levels of knowledge, to identify new ways that make the advantages of sustainable development visible and sustain a revolution that is cultural even more than technological.

In the design of this zero-emission research centre, we had the opportunity to bring our contribution and our know-how, which was gained by collaborating in the design and construction of complex buildings where the pursuit of high levels of energy efficiency is increasingly crucial, and which see Pellini as a key player when it comes to identify the best solutions to manage precious natural resources such as heat and daylight.

Da Vinci Labs is competing with several other projects that are now under evaluation: in the coming months, the project that will benefit from European contributions for its fulfilment will be announced and will give a decisive boost to the new European Bauhaus.