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Pellini SpA was founded in 1974 in Codogno, Northern Italy, as a craftsman, family-owned company producing venetian blinds, folding doors, mosquito nets and awnings. In 1984, Pellini started to co-operate with a leading multinational company manufacturing venetian blinds for interiors; this allowed Pellini to move away from a (since then) local market and to emerge in the national scene.

In 1990, the company set up a project for integrating a blind within insulating glass, achieving the raising and lowering of a blind encapsulated within a double glazing unit whilst maintaining the latter’s integrity.

All their efforts were rewarded in 1992, with the introduction of the first system in the ScreenLine® range – a system based on rotational transmission of motion obtained by the coupling of internal and external magnets. In 1994, the historical production lines for awnings and mosquito nets were decommissioned in order to maximise capacity for the engineering and manufacture of new, increasingly more advanced ScreenLine® systems and increasingly more performing technical blinds for interiors.

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Today, the company preserves the old handicraft attitude in its “made-to-measure” artifacts, which are perfected by hands careful to details rather than being mass produced; at the same time, it operates on a worldwide scale and is an acknowledged leader in the field of sun shading systems.




In the field of integrated blind systems, Pellini is the first company boasting a fully automated production line. It is managed by a computerized system that ensures perfect forming of the slats and full quality control on every single item manufactured.

This technology has enabled us to increase production speed, with over six hundred units assembled per shift.