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New SL20S Venetian

We are pleased to inform you that Pellini SpA has designed, engineered, patented and, from today, launched into the marketplace a new integrated blind system with manual raising and tiling function: ScreenLine® SL20S venetian.

SL20S venetian is simple.
A magnetic slider, placed on the right or left-hand edge of the glass, allows the slats to be raised and tilted. The external slider “logically” moves in the same direction as the blind operating direction. The blind is raised and lowered by moving the slider up or down and is tilted by slightly lifting or lowering the same slider.

SL20S venetian is comfortable.
The blind moves simply and smoothly owing to the patent-pending internal cord winding system and closed-loop belt transmission, which considerably reduce the blind friction and ensure safety and long lifespan.

SL20S venetian is versatile.
The system can be applied to all types of window frames, even sliding ones, owing to the small thickness of the control device.

SL20S venetian is economical.
Equipped with warm edge spacer bar as standard profiles and with a plastic side profile, it offers high energy performances and, consequently, savings on heating and air conditioning costs.

SL20S venetian is safe.
Being part of the home furniture category, SL20S venetian has been engineered to meet the requirements of the European standards in force for child safety.

SL20S venetian is hygienic.
The external magnetic slider is treated with the Sanitized® patented antibacterial finish using silver ions as biocidal substance, which provides a long-lasting protective and hygienic function.

SL20S venetian is good-looking.
The system has been developed in co-operation with professional designers.

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